Links to Statistical Data

Exercise Data
For the exercises in Introduction to Statistical Reasoning.
An Eclectic Collection
Some personal favorites.
System for distributing statistical software, datasets and information by e-mail and FTP.
  • Tree growth
  • Human development index
  • Twins (brain size, head size, IQ)
  • NFL passing statistics
Time Series Data Library
Collection of over 500 time series, maintained by Dr. Rob Hyndman, Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics.
  • Crime
  • Demographics
  • Ecology
  • Economics and Finance
  • Health
  • Physics
  • Sports
Global Financial Data
Listed below are free datasets; many others are available for a fee.
  • World Indices, 1990-1997
  • National Indices, 1800-1997 (annual data for U.S. S&P 500, UK, Germany, France and Japan, in $)
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average, 1914-1997 (annual high, low, close)
  • Stock market returns by decade, 1900-1997
  • U.S. Dividend yields, 1871-1997
  • U.S. Government bond yields, 1800-1997
Penn World Data
Fill out a request form and receive free data on 28 key variables for all major world economies, 1950-1992.
  • Real per capita GDP
  • Exchange rate with the U.S. dollar
  • Real consumption/investment/government expenditure's share of GDP
  • Standard of living index
United Kingdom Office for National Statistics
The data are available in 16 datasets covering economic, financial and social data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The datasets can be searched ‘on-line’ and obtained to view on screen or downloaded to your computer for use in spreadsheet applications. The site also provides projects tips for students.
  • National employment and unemployment by month
  • Offenses recorded by police, quarterly
  • Notifications of infectious diseases
WebEc: World Wide Web Virtual Library
WebEc is an effort to categorize free information in economics on the WWW. Includes a useful link to on-line Economics journals.
  • Economics data
  • General Economics resources
University of California, Los Angeles Statistics
A comprehensive site offering data from books and consulting projects, as well as links to government data sources.
  • The California Learning Assessment Study and The National Educational Longitudinal Study, 1998
  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
Data Ferret: Federal Electronic Research Review & Extraction Tool
Access and manipulate large demographic and economic datasets. A joint project of the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Current Population Survey
  • Survey of Income and Program Participation
Social Sciences Data Collection
Links to many data sources. Maintained by the University of California, San Diego.
  • 433 sites with numeric data
  • 96 data libraries
Statistical Resources on the Web
Datasets available for many topics. Maintained by the University of Michigan Documents Center.
  • Business and Industry
  • Consumers
  • Cost of living
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Foreign economies
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Transportation
  • Weather
Economic Report of the President, 1998
Information on the U.S. economy in spreadsheet, ASCII and PDF format tables. Prior editions are also available on-line.
Econ Data & Links
Data on foreign economies, the U.S. economy and California's economy.
  • Population
  • Labor force (earnings and productivity)
  • Income distribution
Basic Tables: 1990 Demographic Profile Generator
Application generates a single 1990 demographic profile for any of the supported geographic units (census tract, city, zip code, county or metropolitan area, state) in the U.S.. Maintained by the Urban Information Center, University of Missouri-St. Louis.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
State of the Cities Data System.
  • Historical data from the 1970, 1980 and 1990 Census
  • Current employment statistics for city residents
The Health & Retirement Study
Nationally representative longitudinal data collections that examine retirement and the aging of society.
  • Asset and Health Dynamics Among the Oldest Old
Federal Election Commission
Collection of political data.
  • Campaign financing
  • Contributions to Senate and House candidates; Democratic, Republican and other party candidates; incumbents, challengers and candidates in open seats
Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy's web site.
  • Links to key statistics available from over 70 Federal agencies
National Center for Health Statistics
Various studies and surveys from the Center for Disease Control.
  • National Health Care Survey
  • National Home & Hospice Care Survey
  • Mortality Study
  • National Survey of Family Growth

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