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Eleanor Brown received her BA degree in economics from Pomona College in 1975 and continued her economics education at Princeton University, receiving her MA in 1977 and her Ph.D. in 1981.  After teaching at the University of Florida and Princeton University, she joined the faculty at Pomona College in 1986, where she is now the James Irvine Professor of Economics.   


Professor Brown is an applied microeconomist.  Her teaching portfolio includes micro theory; public finance (economics of the public sector); gender, family and economic roles; and a team-taught seminar incorporating philosophy, politics, and economics .  She is interested in resource allocation in the absence of profit-maximizing behavior, through private philanthropy, volunteer labor, government, nonprofit organizations, and within the family.  She is an officer of the Association for the Study of the Grants Economy and since 1998   serves as deputy editor of the multi-disciplinary scholarly journal Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.


Pomona College
Department of Economics
425 N. College Avenue, Room 216
Claremont CA 91711
Telephone 909 607-2810 or 621-8118 
Fax 909 621-8576 


Schedule 2009-2010

Professor Brown is on sabbatical. Contact via email is best.

Office:  Carnegie 216  

Street/Mailing Address: 
Pomona College - Department of Economics
425 N. College Ave., Rm. 211
CA  91711  

Office hours:     
Office phone: x72810 (from locations off campus, 909-607-2810)
Fax:  909-621-8576


Economics 121: Economics of Gender and the Family  
Economics 160/PPE 160: Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being

Economics 102-1:  Microeconomic Theory 
Economics 102-2:  Microeconomic Theory