Assistant Professor of Economics

Michael D. Steinberger

Labor Economics
Political Economy

Research Interests

Research Interests

Gender, Racial and Sexual Orientation Labor Force                  Differentials

Income Inequality and Wage Dispersion

Returns to Education



Curriculum Vitae (June 2010)
Recent Publications and Working Papers (comments welcome)
“Labor Supply Differences Between Married Heterosexual Women and Partnered Lesbians: A Semi-Parametric Decomposition Approach” (with Heather Antecol) forthcoming Economic Inquiry.
“Same-Sex Unmarried Partner Couples in the American Community Survey: The Role of Misreporting, Miscoding and Misallocation” (with Gary Gates) May 2010 draft
“Empirical Methods Used by Economist in the Analysis of International Immigration” (with Fernando Lozano) forthcoming Handbook of Research Methods in Migration, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. (2011) no link available.
“The Sexual Orientation Wage Gap: The Role of Occupational Sorting and Human Capital” (with Heather Antecol and Anneke Jong). Industrial and Labor Relations Review (2008), 61(4), 518-543.
“Is the Motherhood Wage Penalty a Heterosexual Phenomenon?” (with Heather Antecol) posting soon
“Changes in Measured Wage Inequality: Reconciling Usual and Average Hours Inconsistencies” (with Fernando Lozano) posting soon 
“The Immigrant-Native Wage Gap over the Distribution of Earnings ” (with Fernando Lozano) posting soon 
“The Narrowing (and Spreading) of the Gender Wage Gap 1979-1999: The Role of Education, Skills and the Minimum Wage”
“Sorting into College and the College Wage Premium”
“The Computer Use Premium and Worker Unobserved Skills: An Empirical Analysis”
Policy Pieces
“Federal Estate Tax Disadvantages for Same-Sex Couples” (2009) UCLA School of Law, Williams Institute Policy Report, November.
“The Business Boost from Marriage Equality: Evidence from the Health and Marriage Equality in Massachusetts Survey” (with Naomi G. Goldberg and M.V. Lee Badgett) (2009) UCLA School of Law, Williams Institute Policy Report, May.
“The Impact on Maine's Budget of Allowing Same-Sex Couples to Marry” (with Christopher Ramos, M.V. Lee Badgett, and Brad Sears) (2009) UCLA School of Law, Williams Institute Policy Report, April.
Contact Information

Phone: 909-621-8977