About Cambrian

Founded in 2010, the Cambrian Group partners with a global clientele and delivers customized business solutions that help create lasting competitive advantages. Our consultants bring our clients a wealth of experience in strategy and management consulting, economic theory, quantitative and qualitative asset management, investment banking and the capital markets, medicine, and corporate social responsibility.

We take advantage of our small size and collaborative work environment to develop flexible, practical solutions for our clients to help them navigate the business environment in both developed and emerging markets. Most importantly, we measure our success by our clients’ results.

About Our Name

Our name references the explosion of biodiversity in the aftermath of the End- Ediacaran extinction event 542 million years ago. New organisms evolved and radiated at an astonishing rate to fill niches left empty by the extinction event.

We believe the 2008 financial crisis ushered in a similar period as new companies are forming and existing companies are evolving to take advantage of the turmoil in the traditional business environment. We intend to help our clients take full advantage of the current business environment and establish lasting competitive advantages.